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International Real Estate Field Course:

The Feiler Family Toronto Field Trip 2022

A carefully selected group of MBA students at the Coller School

of Management will participate in a six-day field trip to the Toronto (Canada) real estate market in April 2022*.

An Invaluable learning experience in one of the largest markets in North America

The Alrov Institute for Real Estate Research and the Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University are happy to offer this unique learning experience including a field trip to one of the hottest spots of the global real estate market. In this course, students will get an opportunity to visit many of Canada’s most prominent real estate firms and meet and learn from their senior management.

Meet and learn from top executives

The six-day-field-trip itinerary includes academic and professional lectures, site tours, and business cases presented by firm founders, Chairmen, and CEOs in the areas of banking, brokerage, development, housing, offices, retail, REIT, real estate law, pension funds and more. A series of class meetings in Israel precedes the trip to Toronto. Upon returning to Israel from the field trip, students will be required to present and submit a course project.

Target audience and eligibility

The course is targeted for outstanding MBA, MSc, Sofaer, iMBA, and EMBA students at the Coller School of Management with an interest and/or background in real estate. Candidates must be fluent in English. Due to the nature of the field trip, this year the course will be available only to students who meet the Green Pass requirements (“Tav Yaorok”) and have been fully vaccinated for Covid-19. Students will be required to provide evidence of their Green Pass upon submitting their application and maintain the Green Pass throughout the course. For the complete prerequisites of the course, please follow the link HERE. Completion of this course is conditional upon submission of the course project. The course is credited as a Project Course (2 “yas”).

Meet us to learn more about the course

Students who would like to hear more about this course are welcome to meet the staff by attending the pre-enrolment Zoom meeting on December 9, 2021 at 19:30.

Please join us on Zoom by clicking HERE.


Final date for registration: December 22, 2021 | For further information:

* The field trip will be conducted based on the availability of global traveling during the Covid-19 Pandemic. In case there are restrictions on global traveling at the time of the field trip that prevent the delegation from travelling to Canada, the course will be offered without the field trip.

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