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Call for Research Proposals

The Alrov Institute for Real Estate Research at Tel Aviv University seeks to advance state-of-the-art research in the broad area of real estate. We invite faculty members, researchers, and doctoral students to submit proposals for research papers in the broad area of real estate finance and economics. Researchers are invited to submit proposals on housing markets, commercial real estate markets, mortgage markets, real estate development, real estate entrepreneurship and investment, real estate capital markets, urban and regional economics, and any other topic related to the broad area of real estate finance and economics.


The proposed research should include an original work that has not been submitted for publication elsewhere. The proposal should be written in English, not exceed 10 double-spaced pages in length, and include the following:


1.         Research title.

2.    Name(s) of researcher(s) and academic affiliation (including address, phone number, and email).

3.         Abstract (up to 250 words).

4.         Description of the research topic.

5.         Description of the research method.

6.         Description of data and its sources.

7.         Expected contribution.

8.         Bibliography.

9.         Detailed budget request.

10.      Detailed planned schedule (should be no more than12–18 months). At research completion, the researcher(s) is (are) expected to submit a working paper.

11.      If there exist other funding sources for the research, they should be noted in the proposal (if other funding sources are obtained during the research period, the researcher(s) will notify the Executive Director of the Alrov Institute, who will then hold the right to decrease or cancel the approved budget).

12.      Researchers who are not members of the Coller School of Management at Tel Aviv University are asked to submit a CV with the proposal.

13.      Researchers will present their completed research in a special dedicated symposium held by the Alrov Institute and the working paper will appear in the Alrov Institute Discussion Paper Series in Real Estate Research and posted on the Alrov Institute’s website.


Research proposals will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee of the Alrov Institute and if selected, will be granted up to a maximum amount of 30,000 NIS. The total amount will be paid in two installments: 50% at the beginning of work and 50% after the submitted of the working paper is approved. The Scientific Committee also retains the right to approve in some cases a 50% grant, equal to 15,000 NIS.


Please send your proposal to:;

Deadline for submissions: March 15, 2024.

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