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The Fifth Alrov Symposium on New Research in Real Estate, Regional, and Urban Economics


Session 1

Do Differential Income Tax Rates Encourage within-Country Residential Mobility?

Adi Finkelstein, Bank of Israel and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Initial Signs of Post-Covid-19 Urban Structures in Israel

Dani Broitman,Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (with Daniel Czamanski & Nataliya Rybnikova)


The Impact of Opportunity Zones on Commercial Investment and Economic Activity

Naomi Feldman, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (with Kevin Corinth)


Session 2


The Housing Market in Israel: Long-Run Equilibrium and Short-Run Dynamics

Yossi Yakhin, Bank of Israel (with Inon Gamrasni)


The Value of Vertical Status

Tsur Somerville, University of British Columbia (with Danny Ben-Shahar, Yongheng Deng, Eyal Sulganik, & Hongjia Zhu).


How Much Unaffordable Dwelling Can I Afford? Evidence from the Israeli Housing Market

Doron Sayag, Israel Central Bureau of Statistics (with Larisa Fleishman & Alla Koblyakova)

  Session 3


Transit and Rents: Patterns of Heterogeneity

Gal Amedi, Bank of Israel and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Public Transportation and Housing Prices: Evidence from Israel

Guy Lakan, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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