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Coller - Alrov
Real Estate Club

The Real Estate Student Club, which was set up by students of the Coller School of Management with the help and support of the Alrov Institute for Real Estate Research, invites students of the School to study about the world of real estate.


The Club was established with the aim of providing students of the School the opportunity to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and to meet entrepreneurs and leading professionals in the field of real estate, to provide the students with a platform to express themselves and realize an entrepreneurial mindset, create quality networking, and acquire practical knowledge that will be useful as they enter the real estate world.


In the Club, the students will have the opportunity to explore the inner reaches of the real estate industry, hear the stories behind the scenes, and establish a meaningful position as the starting point for a professional career.


Members of the club will be invited during the course of the year to lectures and seminars given by the top professionals and lecturers in the field, intimate meetings with notable people in the local and international world of real estate, and tours of unique real estate locations.

Real Estate Investments and Entrepreneurship program

held in collaboration with the Propdo
(proptech company)

Club members in this program will be presented with issues related to investments and entrepreneurship in the area of real estate in Israel. The program is jointly offered with  Propdo, a proptech company that analyzes entrepreneurship and investments in real estate in Israel and throughout the world.  The program is led  by the CEO and founder of Propdo, Advocate Peleg Davidovitz, one of the leading lecturers on the area of real estate in Israel.  Students of the course will acquire practical tools for making appropriate real estate investment decisions, and learn techniques for making investments in Israel and abroad, methods for preparing market analyses and business plans, measurement tools and how to evaluate investments, and so on.  The program will consist of a number of fully subsidized 2-hour meetings during the course of the first semester of the academic year and is intended for bachelor’s and master’s students at Tel Aviv University’s Coller School of Management.

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